Starting out

I’ve decided to come back in online form, and I guess I should introduce myself.
I’m Lee aka L3TH4L1TY or LEthaLity, a 30-something tech and gaming enthusiast in Berkshire, UK. I’ve gamed, programmed, tinkered with things for over half of my life, professionally and as hobbies, and during that time, whether intended or accidental, I’ve found for myself or using other sources, solutions to various problems that I wish I had found sooner. I’ve always wanted to share such solutions, tips, etc but life always got in the way.

Last year I decided to take on the project that is my Fiat Grande Punto T-JET. It all started well, then problems started showing, and I found myself in the familiar situation of looking up issues, fixes, etc to then tackle them myself, as has always been my way when dealing with hardware, software and other technology. So I’ve decided I would start creating the content that I hope will help others, as well as have some fun on the way!

Tech Stuff

My real background and main interest is in technology, hardware and software. I studied software development, then computing as a degree. I’m involved in various open-source projects, mainly IRC-related including Anope IRC Services, where my main speciality has been documentation, WIKI’s and tutorial text – so I’d like to think I’m well-versed in writing both technical, and “idiots guide” text to help people. Whilst Anope and most of the IRC stuff is C++, my main interest going back to when I was a teen has been web design and development, proficient in HTML, CSS, PHP and JS. I’m usually working with frameworks such as Laravel, Bulma and Bootstrap, and intend to do this a lot more in future.

Various aspects of my work, and creating content for other people (gaming/social media graphics), has led to me using Photoshop, Dreamweaver and eventually biting the bullet and getting the entire Adobe suite, with me now using AfterEffects and Premiere (soon others). These programmes, particularly the former are ever-involving and as with everything else, there’s always new tips and tricks to learn, which I hope to share.

It’s not all work though, traditionally an XBOX gamer, migrating to PC, and hopefully continuing to do both, I do like to game, mainly FPS, sims and driving games. When I’m not coding or working on the car, I hope to be able to get some gaming in which I’ll likely stream once my setup is back to standard.

I realise I could use different channels or sites for the different subjects I’m involved in, but hopefully with some decent categorising and writing of content, people will be able to find what’s relevant to them without being bombarded with a load of the opposite. Please do use comments, Likes, and all that good social media stuff to let me know what’s good, and not-so good.