Fiat Grande Punto

At the beginning of August I bought a 2009 Fiat Grande Punto 1.4 T-Jet. The look and fun-factor overrode the usual practicality issues that plague Italian cars, and whilst it’s not quite there with Ford’s ST models, the 16v turbocharged engine does give it just enough poke – the low insurance group was a main deciding factor over the Fiesta/Focus ST’s.
Most of that turbo torque comes in the lower to mid-range, as standard this car puts out 120 bhp, the turbo and engine are capable of 150 with a decent remap. Further increases up to around 180-200 bhp (from what I’ve gathered so far) are done with a turbo swap for the one Abarth use, which naturally involves changing up some other internals.

I’m still getting to grips with where the car’s at, but intend on having a tonne of content based on it, from general maintenance/upkeep to the improvements I’ll carry out.

This page will serve as a central hub or contents for other related posts and videos I create, relating to the car. For the first brief post on me purchasing and collecting the car, click here. See below for posts on specific topics. If anyone has constructive ideas or experience, please comment etc…


So as with any car of an age, and one that’s been sat for some time, one or two issues quickly arose relating to problems commonly found within a number of models besides the Fiat Grande Punto. This section includes things I’ve fixed, replaced or serviced: