Fiat Grande Punto – Wing-mirror replacement

Wing Mirror Replacement

Both of the wing mirrors on my car have an issue. The driver’s side which this covers, lost full electronic control of the mirror movement, so replacing it seemed like the best idea. The passenger side mirror doesn’t de-mist. I will check it soon to see whether it’s just a loose wire but I suspect I’ll be replacing the whole thing too. That mirror contains the thermo-sensor, and there’s nothing wrong with that as the driver’s side one heats up when required.


For those of you that provide a more verbose, text version, a how-to guide follows below:


Full instructions for removing and fitting wing mirror

  1. Remove screw cover

    Preferably using a trim-removal tool (but a flat-head screwdriver will do), prise the screw cover (outer edge of lower wing mirror arm) outwards, to remove the
    Remove screw cover

  2. Disconnect wiring plug

    Press the middle clip of the plugs connector block and pull them apart.

  3. Remove retaining bolts

    The mirror is held on by 3x retaining bolts that can be removed using a 5.5mm hex/allen key. Support it as you undo the last one.
    Remove retaining bolts

  4. Clean area for replacement

    Take this moment to wipe-clean/dry the body panel where the mirror was.

  5. Re-attach (new) mirror

    You might want to use some WD40 or copper grease on the bolts going back in, but on mine the threads were fine, it was only the heads that had rusted and rounded a bit.
    With a bolt in-hand, hold the mirror up to the location and attach it by hand-tightening the bolt. Reconnect the wiring plug and continue to add the remaining bolts, tightening fully.
    It wouldn’t hurt to add some black insulating tape around the block for additional water-proofing, it can only help reduce future water ingress.

  6. Re-fit screw cover

    Once everything’s tightened up, you should test to make sure the mirror functions correctly before re-fitting the screw cover which can just be snapped back into place.