Grande Punto – Interior Light Upgrade

After the unplanned expense of the heater blower motor repair, I decided I’d go for a simple cosmetic upgrade – ridding the interior of the dull yellowish glow from the interior light.

I’m sure I could have achieved it with some newer traditional bulbs that claim to be whiter, and brighter than all others, but I opted to go the LED route.

I picked these up in Halfords, somewhat of an impulse buy – you can find C5W LED bulbs much cheaper online. I don’t recall how long these are, but they’re slightly bigger than the conventional ones I removed, just made for a tighter fit, 36mm is probably what you want if buying from elsewhere.

Changing these is probably one of the easiest tasks you can do with this car, removal of the interior/festoon light cover can be done without using tools, just pull it down from the rear.
I did record myself doing it, whilst holding my phone in other hand, so excuse the apparent fumbling:

Just grip the near edge of the cover and pull it down.

Probably worth giving both sides of the cover a wipe, then it’s just the simple task of putting the new ones in, these seemed a bit of a squeeze compared to the ones I’d just taken out, but still, they fit and work no problem. The packet claimed they were canbus compatible, not something I even thought about at the time as I just presumed (possibly I’d read it somewhere), that errors weren’t an issue with interior lights, but it might be worth considering. I know it can be an issue with some others, such as the number plate bulbs.

With the install done, it was time to see the results of my (albeit quick and easy) work.

The result is pretty obvious, I should have really done a before and after from the outside, at night. There’s quite a satisfaction to unlocking the car and seeing the interior illuminated in that crisp, white light.

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