Grande Punto – First few days

As mentioned in my previous post, an electrical issue with my new Fiat Grande Punto was quickly apparent, but before I got around to fixing that, and far sooner than I’d have liked, I had a more immediate problem, before I’d even gotten to drive it to work.
Courtesy of the arseholes who leave all manner of crap where I park the car, I’d picked up a new addition in my rear right tyre – a nice screw that deflated my tyre. Of course I didn’t notice this until I went to drive home from work, I didn’t see anything at the time, so after failing to use the puncture repair kit / compressor the car comes with instead of a spare tyre, I got to a BP to get enough air in to get me to my local garage. Whilst I was there, I caught sight of the screw, just within the fixable central three quarters.

So off I went to a garage near me that’s been there as long as I can remember, ECO Test Bracknell. Awkwardly, after seeing and saying they could repair the tyre, my next issue was that in my misplaced wisdom, the knocking about of the locking wheel nut key caused me to take it out of the car – so they put some more air in, to get me the mile up the road and back to fetch it!
The repair cost £22.50, which after thinking I may be facing the prospect of already replacing tyres, came as a welcome relief.

I was curious however, as to why the puncture repair kit hadn’t worked. I initially presumed it was something to do with the canister having leaked the gel all over the boot recess, but in my early investigations of the heater blower resistor, I had checked the fuses and found one had blown – a 15 amp one responsible for the cigarette lighter socket. Something I’d have found even sooner had I bothered to use my mobile phone cable or dash cam.

Minor set-back aside, I was finally ready to tackle the air-conditioning/heating problem…

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