I’m Lee, aka L3TH4L1TY/LEthaLity, a ’30 something’ year old from Berkshire, England – and a lover of all things tech/gadgets, cars, and gaming.


My first memories of gaming were on the original Nintendo Gameboy and NES, then Playstation 1, before switching to XBOX and building my own gaming PC. I’ve always wanted to know how things work, and over the years have repaired phones, consoles and rebuilt my PC multiple times.
At some point I found myself on IRC and quickly learnt the technical side of it before joining a development team for one of the services packages. Initially providing support and writing documentation, I soon refreshed my prior knowledge of C/C++ and started contributing code as well.

Desktop setup

I’ve always had an interest in web design and development and worked on multiple projects over the years. When wanting a break from the code, I took to messing around on Photoshop and After Effects although admittedly don’t do it as much nowadays.

My multiple “real” jobs have included computers and whilst I’ve often found myself the non-official in-house IT guru and graphic designer, they certainly weren’t in the ‘IT sector’. But nonetheless, I would say I have professional knowledge and experience of MS Office apps.

Most of what I’ve picked up above, be it programming languages, design/working principles, or other knowledge and techniques is self-taught or acquired from others over various forms (forums, IRC, videos). And some things are simply learnt accidentally when messing around with things.


Similarly when I bought a Fiat Grande Punto T-Jet, it required lots of tinkering and learning of new skills which was quite a welcome change, to not be sat at a PC, and again, a lot of this knowledge is from YouTube and dedicated forums. My newer car is a much better known Fiesta ST and I fully intend to modify it substantially over time, whilst also carrying out my own servicing.

My Goal

When I was involved in IRC development I was very active within the community and I always wanted to start giving back again to the next batches of people going through the same processes I did.
Using this site and YouTube, aided by the usual social outlets, I want to post informative guides/how-tos/hacks and plenty of other random stuff that others may find useful and even entertaining.