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The Ford Fiesta MK7/7.5 (2013-2017) came in multiple trim levels, 3 variants in total from the budget ST (1), the mid-range ST2 and the fully-loaded ST3. From the outside, the differences are subtle, if barely noticeable except for the ST badge and colour options.
But take a closer look, particularly inside and you’ll notice the differences in your every day use; but be aware, what you see on one ST trim level, may not be in another car of that same variant- this is due to the optional extras.

Convenience Pack

Clue’s in the name, this small set of extras cost £300 at the time, and came with the ST3 as standard. This pack could be added to the ST2, but not ST1.

  • Keyless Entry (Identifiable by the the discrete button on the door handles)
  • Power-folding mirrors (Identifiable by the small mirror icon on the wingmirror switch), with puddle light
  • Wide-angled drivers’ wing mirror (Identifiable by the dashed vertical line on the mirror glass)
Keyless entry door handle
Seen on keyless entry doors
Wingmirror switches
Seen on cars with folding wingmirrors
Drivers' wingmirror
Wide-angled drivers wingmirror

Style Pack

This pack cost £250 at the time, increasing to £275 and included the below:

  • 17″ alloy wheel colour dark-grey instead of silver
  • Red brake calipers
  • Illuminated scuff sill plates

Additional Extras

  • Sat Nav with 5″ screen – £400
  • Adjustable boot load floor – £75
  • Spare wheel (instead of repair kit) – £100
  • Rear seat centre headrest – £50
  • 5 door option only for ST2/ST3
  • Reverse camera available for ST2/ST3
  • Colours: Race Red (£0), Frozen White (£250), Panther Black (£495), Spirit Blue (£495), Molten Orange (£745)

The above made for interesting reading as I realised what my current and previous ST had, or didn’t. My departed white ST2 had: dark grey wheels, red calipers, illuminated sills, automatic lights and wipers with dimming rear-view mirror, spare wheel, rear centre headrest, and the wide-angled drivers wing mirror (as seen in Convenience pack), but NOT the keyless entry or folding mirrors. So whilst unknown to me at the time, it had a fair amount of extras I’d assumed were standard for the ST2.

My current ST2 has everything you’d expect for it’s trim level, plus the items of the Style pack. Have any of you forked out for the extras this late in the game, or retro-fitted items yourself? Let me know!
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