One of the first modifications you’ll probably do to any car due to it’s inexpensiveness, ease of installation and not needing to report to insurance, is upgrading various light bulbs to either a whiter kind, or LED bulbs.

I’d seen the benefits with my Fiat and knew the difference changing to a nice crisp white light can make. With that car though, you had to be careful as it’s CANBUS was pretty unforgiving and you usually needed resistors for LEDS – my understanding is that Fords tend to be a bit more lenient. On a side-note, I will never, and wouldn’t recommend installing LED bulbs into headlight units not designed for it.

After some searching and seeing a few other videos, I settled on Autobeam who offer an incredible range of various lighting upgrades, and it’s easy to find the right ones using their ‘Vehicle’ dropdown. The particular one for my car was their ‘LED 380 Rear | Brake Unit

Below is a quick before and after, the new LED unit being on the righthand side.

Installation Video – YouTube


Within 10 mins 10 minutes

Guide for removal and installation of bulbs – Ford Fiesta

  1. Remove screws from light cluster

    With the boot open, there are two T30 Torx screws, undo them.

  2. Access hidden plastic wing-nut

    Hidden behind the boot lining is a long, plastic wing-nut. Lift up part of the lining near the boot seal and pull it out towards the area pictured.
    Boot lining

  3. Remove plastic wing-nut

    Look upwards in the revealed cavity and you see the thread with the fitting. Unscrew anti-clockwise being VERY careful not to drop it.plastic wing-nut

  4. Remove and disconnect taillight cluster

    The light cluster will now pull off. There are two small plugs that will put up some resistance but just give it a tug, then unclip the wiring harness.

  5. Remove bulb holder

    Assuming you are also replacing the brake/rear light, you will want to remove the bulb holder set apart from the other two and harness connector.bulb holder
    Just give it a slight twist anti-clockwise, and pull out.

  6. Remove and install new bulb

    The bulb has a bayonet fitting, like older house bulbs. Push the bulb down slightly and twist anti-clockwise to remove it.
    Take your new bulb, and screw it in – note that the pins on the side aren’t parallel, so it will only go in one way.
    LED bulb
    Note: above LED bulb unit is from Autobeam.

  7. Test installation first!

    Before screwing everything back in, reconnect the cluster, and start the car, ensuring lights are on, to ensure everything is working as expected.

  8. Finish installation

    Re-attach the plastic wing-nut, ensuring the cluster is reinserted into the two holes, then secure with the two Torx screws.
    Tuck the boot lining back up into the plastic and under the boot seal.