You’ve found my site, in one of it’s many iterations, which probably means you’ve seen me on any number of social networks, forums or other websites and have now come to be nosey?? I’m Lee, and this is my blog, to discuss and share my technology and personal dramas, I mean journey.

Whilst my career has largely been unrelated to tech, I’ve had a deep interest in all areas of it for at least 2 decades. I’ve learnt multiple programming languages, been involved in Open Source projects, developed websites for others, been involved in graphic design and image/video editing and all my PC’s have been self-built.
This journey has meant absorbing a whole load of information from various sources and I’ve always vowed I’d share and pass on acquired and stumbled-upon knowledge.

When I’ve had enough of being indoors, I also tinker around with my car. Currently a Ford Fiesta ST2, and whilst there’s no shortage of forum topics on this, most of what I did to my previous car, was picked-up from YouTube videos, and I’d like to post some cool videos on this too, and whilst I don’t have specific plans to be some car vlogger, they would be a good opportunity to offload my other random musings/rants!

Other than that, I’m a gamer, and that’s probably where I really started. My name was inspired by a co-member of a Project Gotham Racing clan I used to be in, fatality (whose exact stylisation I forget), but NO it wasn’t Fatal1ty.

Now the intro’s out of the way, I hope you find whatever content I post useful – don’t forget to subscribe, etc where possible.

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