Month: November 2020

number plate bulb comparison

Fiat Grande Punto – Number plate lights

One of the first steps of freshening up the general look of these cars, is their lights. The yellow bulbs both inside and out, have to go. Some crisp white LED’s are generally the way to do, but don’t be fooled by plenty of such bulbs claiming to be CANBUS-error free, as most are not.…
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Starting out

I’ve decided to come back in online form, and I guess I should introduce myself.I’m Lee aka L3TH4L1TY or LEthaLity, a 30-something tech and gaming enthusiast in Berkshire, UK. I’ve gamed, programmed, tinkered with things for over half of my life, professionally and as hobbies, and during that time, whether intended or accidental, I’ve found…
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