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LEGO Mario

Here’s my first completed digital build of an 8bit Mario. I can’t take credit for the design as it’s based on an image of a LEGO Mario that pops up quite a bit, so I’m also unsure of the original source. Built using LEGO Digital Designer.

ECO Test Bracknell 0

Grande Punto – First few days

As mentioned in my previous post, an electrical issue with my new Fiat Grande Punto was quickly apparent, but before I got around to fixing that, and far sooner than I’d have liked, I had a more immediate problem, before I’d even gotten to drive it to work


Collecting the car

The inspection, purchase and collecting of the car seemed to happen quite fast, it wasn’t all plain-sailing, but then doing all the above on the same day was asking a lot.

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L3TH4L1TY – About Me

H I’m Lee, or L3TH4L1TY/LEthaLity in online circles and I’m a British-based geek who has been wanting to share my experiences, opinions and knowledge with others for ages, so I intend to do just that using the power of the Internet!