Social Media Sites – Branding

When you work in design, whether it’s graphic or web design, you’ll undoubtedly be involved with various social media providers or social networks. Often you’ll be creating content to fit on those platforms aesthetically, including image sizes/resolutions, fonts and of course, colours. Or you may wish to do the reverse and bring elements of their branding, onto your pages or images.

Some sites have assets pages that contain information for their branding, whereas some don’t and you have to start inspecting elements and reading source code to get it yourself. I’m going to do a small series of posts on this, starting with the basic branding (fonts and colours), to save you some work! I’ll do image sizes in a separate post as there’s so many when you include channel art, banners, and profile covers.

Disclaimer: where known, I’ve included asset pages that include more about colours and logo use (well worth a look). Most of these fonts are free, except YouTube’s. I take no responsibility in how you acquire or use these fonts.

Common branding themes


Site header colour

RGB Hex: #3b5998
Link Colour: #365899
Logo font: Facebook Letter Faces
Facebook have this incredible, full-blown website for their brand assets:


Logo colour

RGB Hex: #00aced
Logo font: Pico Alphabet
Most text and theming is user-editable, but here’s their branding page:


YouTube Red

RGB Hex: #e52d27
Logo font: TradeGothic Bold Condensed (££)
Font used on-site and in apps is Roboto, available for free as part of Google fonts.
Branding page:


YouTube logo letters and dots:


Google relatively recently redesigned their logos and app images to be more uniform across devices, their font of choice as with YouTube, is Roboto.


Twitch Purple

RGB Hex: #6441A4
Logo font: Dimitri
Branding page: