Hello World!

Who am I?

I’m Lee, or L3TH4L1TY/LEthaLity in online circles and I’m a British-based geek who has been wanting to share my experiences, opinions and knowledge with others for ages, so I intend to do just that using the power of the Internet!

What I do

I do a bit of everything! My main interests are gaming, photoshopping, video editing and web development. I also build PC’s, and keep up-to date with other technology advances.
Most of my website work now evolves around Laravel, an incredible PHP framework. Prior to that I’ve dabbled in all sorts, bare bone HTML/CSS, e107, Joomla and Drupal to name some.

My gaming time has been restricted but I shall be changing this, after a half-arsed transition from XBOX to PC gaming, I shall be putting more time into the former, with streamed game-play, videos and reviews.

And onto Photoshop, which I’ve been using for 12+ years; the main reason for wanting to start some kind of blog or tutorial series. It’s versatility and feature set is incredible and I’ve learned plenty from seeing other’s work. But as with coding, there’s plenty of things you just stumble across, often by mistake, and I’ve always wanted to share those.

The Plan

I’m a terrible planner because of my constant procrastination, so any kind of schedule will likely alter for that if not feedback. But the plan is to blog multiple times a week on a mixture of things, accompanied by YouTube videos where appropriate. Some of the things I want to cover first are:

  • Introduction to Photoshop series
  • PC gaming (some streams)
  • Google Daydream (VR)
  • Website project series (once I think of something!)

In the near future if/when I get more room, I’ll start PC building, unboxing/testing, and more regular gaming streams.
Anyway, that’s it for this, my first post, let the fun commence!